Valpolicella: In the land of the good wine and old villas


There are places where the symphony between man and territory find its magical stability: delicate landscapes but rich in charm, gentle colors and full of energy, the silence of nature, stories of the positive human presence.
Valpolicella, has much to tell about this.
Vineyards kept like gardens, medieval quarters, with their impressive rocky constructions, rich of taste and soul above all, that let live here centuries past.
A river, the Adige, which encloses the west and south, that “breath and stretch” opening to the Pianura Padana, as a poet from Verona sang in his dialectal verses; the foothills of the Alps on the north, with them beech and oak woods that overlook here Lessina plateau, pure and peaceful ambient; the spectacular Verona, over there, where the valley opens out.
This valley is a wine-growing territory according to the tradition: this place gives rise to the bigs Valpolicella, Amarone and Recioto wines and with them, the fascination of an unique land.


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