Valpolicella: In the land of good wine and old villas

The Local Area

There are places where the harmony between man and the land find its magical centre.

Valpolicella is a perfect example, with its delicate landscapes rich in vibrant colours and full of natural life, the peace of the natural environment, has been blended positively with human presence.
Valpolicella, has much to tell us
Vineyards are kept like gardens, medieval villas, with their impressive stone structures tell stories of a distant past. You can feel the soul of this land as you wander through the valleys and visit the impressive villas.
A river, the Adige, circles the west and south of the valley, it “breathes and stretches” down to the  Pianura Padana. A local poet from Verona once sang about the life of a river in dialect verses and the song carries on into the future.

The northern foothills of the Alps bring beech and oak woods that overlook the Lessina plateau you can feel its pure, cool and peaceful ambience.  This spectacular valley opens out to the south in front of you .
The valley is traditionally a wine-growing land and gives rise to the grand Valpolicella wines such as, Amarone & Recioto.

Grand wines, unique landscapes and medieval history make Valpolicella a fascinating place to stay


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