At B&B Le Corone, we have an equestrian centre at your disposal.


We offer our guests the possibility to try the magnificent experience of the magical equestrian world.
Personalised lessons in western riding, trekking through the valley up to the Lessini Mountain plateau.
Our treks are tailormade considering the experience and skills of the participants.
Our equestrian centre is managed by the owners of the B&B, who are professional riding instructors.



The introduction to horseback riding can begin from the earliest years of a child’s life, learning the concept of trust and respect necessary to relate to these striking animals, will be with them for a lifetime. . .
The child learns from the beginning to pay attention to every single movement and to anticipate the needs and to communicate with the horse through the simplified language of “request-reward”.
Just approaching these gentle giants gives the child an immediate sense of serenity, and simple contact can amplify the positive sensations that the child needs daily. From the first lessons in our sand arena, they immediately learn the skills/techniques required for the correct management of the horse.
From this they can establish a solid and lasting relationship.
Then, when the children are grown, both in age and experience, they can be initiated into the fascinating world of equestrian trekking.


Our horses

All our horses have been trained in the American riding style, a “working” riding style, developed by American cowboys to meet the needs of following large herds of cattle over the ample prairies.
It is a “easy” riding style where the rider is comfortably seated on ample handcrafted leather saddles, on which the weight should be relaxed and naturally follow the movements of the horse.
It is a relationship based on the “push”, don’t “pull” concept. We communicate with the horse through the body, the voice and our balance, we never force a horse to perform an action, but we push it to take the right direction through encouragement and rewards. All our horses are strong and robust, used to living outdoors all year long adapting naturally to climatic changes and seasons, balanced and free, they know the concept of work making them the perfect companions to work with both beginner and expert riders. 
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